National Christian Conference

The National Christian Conference (NCC) is among the core activities of the Christian Federation of Malaysia. This conference which started in 1979, is held once every four years and is intended to promote fellowship among church leaders and communities throughout Malaysia. The coming together of Christians is an opportunity for Church leaders and communities to discuss, engage, and fellowship with each other by exchanging views on current issues within and without the Church. Below is the list of conferences held since its inception and the focus of each conference:


Year NCC Theme
1979 Working Together for Christ
1982 Witnessing in a Multi-religious Society
1987 Christian Commitment : Imperatives, Implications and Impact
1991 Sandcastles or Lighthouse? The Malaysian Church in the Nation
1995 The Way Forward : Towards a Caring Society, Just Society and Moral Society 
1999 With Christ into the New Millennium
2005 National Integration and Unity : The Church’s Response
2009 Navigating Through Storms
2013 As the Nation Transforms
2017 Seek the Peace of the Land (Jer. 29 : 7)


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