KUALA LUMPUR, April 26 — The Christian Federation of Malaysia has called upon all political parties in the country to focus on issues affecting Malaysia, and to avoid any strategies that can divide Malaysians in the run up to the 14th general election (GE14).

Federation chairman, Catholic Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur Julian Leow said standing as one, the federation (and its member churches) fervently prays for a peaceful and fair GE14.

 “In the spirit of non-partisanship, Christians should approach GE14 in the right spirit since it is a moral duty to vote. As a community with the ability to discern, let us choose wisely the leaders who will govern us, so that we may prosper and rejoice as a nation,

“To do so we need to ask the candidates questions, listen carefully to their policies and position on upholding the rule of law, the Federal Constitution’s supremacy, safeguarding its freedoms (including the freedom of religion) enshrined in it, their willingness to be held accountable and serve effectively for the common good, and to promote the well-being of all including the poor and marginalised,” he said in a statement.

Leow said if Malaysia is to be a nation rooted in the love of God and the love for one’s neighbour, its leaders need to actively promote harmony, peace, national unity and respect for one another.

He called upon Christians to build bridges with everyone regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, gender and socio-economic status, so as to stand in solidarity with one another.

“May we be given the courage to vote according to our conscience. Our ardent cry must be for GE14 to be free and fair,” he said.

Source: MalayMail